Our Biopesticides are pesticides derived from microorganisms (Bacteria & Fungi). They act as biofungicide as well as bio insecticides.

Microorganisms used in Biopesticides are Bacillus Thuringenesis, Beauveria brassiana, Metarhizium and Verticillum.

They help in protecting crops from pests, weeds and diseases leading to increase in production.

Bacillus Thuringenesis kills the larva of various moth species, mosquitoes, flies and beetles. It also kills caterpillars.

Beauveria brassiana is an entomopathogenic fungi which causes diseases in a range of insects.

Metarhizium penetrates the insect body leading to insect death.

Verticillum is also an entomopathogenic fungi. Mycelium of fungus produces cyclodepsipeptol toxin and other insecticidal toxins which infects and kills aphids, white flies, rust fungus and scale insects.

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